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VARAVA develops (1) the ability of polytechnics to identify structural racism, (2) the student’s service path from recruitment to employment, and (3) anti-racist teaching methods.

Project actors implement a service design process, developing the stages of a service path for a student from a third country, from applying for studies to employment. The process includes nationwide survey and background research, as well as co-development and development of teaching methods. Development work is documented and narrated.


Project actors

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Seinäjoki and Tampere Polytechnics and Lyfta Oy are developing the service path. Co-development includes university students, staff and stakeholders. Lyfta Oy documents and narrates the change process. The partners are the student unions of the three universities, the national student and workers’ organizations (SAMOK, Arene, Akava, EK), experts on anti-racism and receptivity, such as the Finnish Institute for Migration, ETNO and other key stakeholders, social workers, experts.

Project funding: European Union, European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.