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This page has a brief overview of all materials produced by the project. With the introduction, you can choose the most useful or interesting for you for a closer look. Go to material about current events on the site.

Background study and literature review

Through research, statistics and development activities, the report examines the role of universities of applied sciences in the integration of third-country nationals and in promoting the receptiveness of society. The training of international experts is examined at its different stages: recruitment, training and employment. The aim of the study is to cross-expose the role of universities of applied sciences in the recruitment of international experts, competence development and employment, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, by mirroring actions to promote receptivity in society.

Results of a nationwide survey

The survey surveyed observations and views on the problems and development needs of the receptivity of universities of applied sciences. The results of the survey were used as part of the service design process implemented in the project.

Anti-racist materials to support teaching

This teaching material material contains materials, methods and other useful materials related to anti-racism produced by various parties that teaching and guidance staff can use in their work. Various service providers, such as educational organizations and various organizations, also offer trainings and events on the subject. Up-to-date information on these can be found on the operators’ websites.

MOOC – Anti-racism as a transformative power for teacher work 5 ECTS credits

This independently completed MOOC course, which is open to all, allows you to experience the path of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds in university of applied sciences studies. Through the materials and assignments, your understanding of racism and the fight against it will grow and you will get ways to act anti-racist in your own work and everyday life. A link to the course will be available at the end of 2022.

Videos and podcasts

In the videos, international students and job seekers, as well as representatives of educational organizations, can hear the audio. The videos serve as complementary materials for teaching and as starters of discussion.


Professionals from different fields have written perspectives on anti-racist work from the perspectives of leisure, working life and studying.

Proposal for action

Concrete and measurable proposals for measures for decision-makers and various actors. The aim is to develop the ability of universities of applied sciences to identify structural racism and support the student’s service path from recruitment to employment, as well as to strengthen anti-racist teaching methods.